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Reminder re: IGHSAU/IHSAA "Pets Prohibited" Policy
Posted 4/24/19

As the weather gets nicer and we have outdoor events for soccer/baseball/softball we'd like to offer a reminder to our G-R fans and visitors that pets are prohibited at any IGHSAU or IHSAA sanctioned event held at Gladbrook-Reinbeck facilities.  The language from the IHSAA 2018-2019 Handbook states as follows:


PETS PROHIBITED AT IGHSAU/IHSAA SANCTIONED EVENTS.  Except as otherwise stated herein, no pets are permitted at events sanctioned by the Iowa High School Athletic Association. Any person found with a pet will be asked to remove the pet from the premises. Failure to comply will result in the person being asked to leave the premises. However, this policy shall comply with the provisions of Iowa code 216c. as such, a person with a disability or a person training an assistive animal has the right to be accompanied by a service dog or an assistive animal, under control. The person is liable for damage done to any premises or facility by a service dog or assistive animal. A “service dog” means a dog specially trained at a recognized training facility to assist a person with a disability, whether described as a service dog, guide dog, hearing dog, support dog, independence dog, or otherwise. An “assisted animal” means a simian or other animal specially trained or in the process of being trained under the auspices of a recognized training facility to assist a person with a disability.