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G-R Rebel News – Day 4 –Tuesday, Dec. 1, 2020


Breakfast Menu

Dec. 1: Breakfast Boat

Dec. 2:  Bacon, Cheese, Egg Biscuit

Dec. 3:  Long John

Dec. 4:  Waffles

Dec. 7:  No School


Lunch Menu

Dec. 1 Soft Shell Taco; Spanish Rice; Fruit/Veggies; 

Alt:  Hotdog

Dec. 2:  Lasagna Roll up; Garlic Toast; Green Beans; Fruit/Veggies

Alt:  Mr. Rib

Dec. 3:  Chicken Sandwich; Cheesy Broccoli; Fruit/Veggies

Alt:  Mini Corn Dogs

Dec. 4: French Bread Pizza; Corn; Fruit/Veggies; 

Alt:  Chicken Sandwich

Dec. 7:  No School


Volunteers are needed to help at the Reinbeck memorial building blood drive on Thurs., Dec. 3rd 3:00-6:00 p.m.  Please contact Brenda Davis 319-240-5853 if you are available to earn volunteer hrs.


Job Opening:  Cleaning at  Reinbeck Memorial Building. $10.00/hour; flexible hours.  Must be 16.

Apply at City Hall.


ALL classes are scheduled to meet face to face at the WOC on Monday, Nov. 30th. Only exceptions will be the classes that meet on certain days such as: 

  • FOC - meet at the center on Tues & Thurs 

  • Comp I & II - at the center Tues, Thurs, Friday

  • Juvenile Justice - at the center Mon, Wed, Friday

  • Intro to Criminal Justice -  at the center Tues & Thurs

Students that are registered for Anat/Phys, Intro to Health Professions and CNC are asked to be in communication with their teacher.


Rebel Fans,

New activity restrictions were announced Monday, November, 16, 2020 effective immediately.  The NICL (North Iowa Cedar League) Conference administrators and athletic directors have put together an informational document.  This document explains guidelines to be used by the NICL schools hosting winter sport activities, which is in accordance with Governor Reynolds Emergency Proclamation.  As a conference, we will do our very best to make sure we follow all of these guidelines at every level of competition.


The following are detailed in the document:

  * Mask Requirements

   * Fan Limitations

   * Fan Restrictions per contest

   * Pep Band Restrictions

   * Cheer Restrictions

   * Live Stream Links attached for each school

These guidelines may change over time, and we will do our best to keep you informed as we learn new information.  Thank you for your patience during these difficult times.